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Portable Duck

a bathing companion for travel
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When I was a child, my mother put a rubber duck into my bath with me for my amusement. Since then, whenever I am home and take a bath, the rubber duck joins me to float and keep me company. It is hard now to take a bath without a duck. I can't get clean in an unaccompanied bath since it is not as enjoyable as a bath with a duck. The problem with my rubber duck is that it is bulky and not portable enought to take on trips particularly with the airline restrictions of weight and now number of luggage bags I may take without a surcharge. For trips, I have settled for a lonely bath unaccompanied by a duck or take a shower.

What I presently propose is a portable and inflatable duck. It would be about the same size as my foot made of flexible, air-impermeable plastic or rubber with an closable valve to inflate with, a white fluffy body, yellow bill and orange feet. It would not occupy very much room in my luggage and I would have a bathing companion away from home. The closable valve could have a sound reed to make a duck-sound as it is inflated and deflated. The value could be in bill-area so that the rest of the body of he duck remains unblemished.

My present rubber duck at home makes a squeak sound someone like a mouse.

el dueno

el dueno, May 09 2008

Ernie Explains The Issue http://members.trip...er/rubberduckie.mp3
Slow connection note: It's a 2.2MB size file. [Amos Kito, May 10 2008]

Travel in this Bath_20Buggy
and the duck comes with you. [lurch, May 10 2008]

The Peabody Hotel in Memphis http://www.peabodymemphis.com/
has ducks parading through the lobby. [baconbrain, May 11 2008]


       would you like a lullaby?   

       shame, I sing awfuk off key
po, May 09 2008

       stop traveling
daseva, May 10 2008

       What I propose is a live, tamed duck, or cyborg duck, that will either hibernate peacefully in carry-on luggage or fly/migrate to your travel destination ahead of you. The duck is happy to be your bathing companion, and is house-trained.
sninctown, May 10 2008

       sp. valve, (unless you're really a very-small-object smuggler, and the bath thing is just a blind.)
pertinax, May 10 2008

       <DANGER: Pedant alert! DANGER!>
First of all, I need to ask how, as a child, your mother could have even known you were going to exist, let alone been able put a rubber duck into your bath? Perhaps you'd like to rephrase that first sentence to begin with "When I was a child...".

       Now for some advice: when searching the net to make your hotel reservation add "rubber duck" to your list of preferred amenities. In the event nothing turns up I'm sure any reputable hotel chain would be capable of accommodating the vast majority of their guests' eccentric requests. They might surprise you and offer a selection - mallard, mandarin, teal, pochard. Luxury hotels may even offer a swan. It never hurts to ask!
Canuck, May 10 2008

       But a cheap hotel might give you a lame one.
hidden truths, May 11 2008

       This goose is cooked. They've made inflatable ducks for swimming pools for years.
bneal27, May 11 2008

       I was thinking maybe this was a proximity detector to overide an i-pod.   


po, May 11 2008


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