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Portable Personal Private Planetarium

The perfect pocket peripheral
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Dashing out into the darkness of the night, dew stricken, cold and shivering, what's worse than to gaze up at a sky obliterated by clouds and light pollution? With the Portable Personal Private Planetarium, a perfect night sky is awaiting you at any moment you like.

A self inflating, radial tent and micro star projector, packable into a rucksack and big enough, when inflated, to let you and several friends lie down on the dew-free artificial grass and stare to your heart's content. No longer are you restricted by that awful sun, having to wait hours between star gazing periods, since you can watch your Portable Personal Private Planetarium at any time of day you like. Hate the cold? Set up and gaze indoors. Hate the rain? The Portable Personal Private Planetarium is fully waterproof. Hate the grass? The floor can be lined with many different surfaces, available from our wide range of Portable Personal Private Planetarium accessories.

Hate the stars? The Portable Personal Private Planetarium's projector can also take video feeds, so you can watch your favourite films inside. Hate the tent? Ditch it, and keep the projector. Hate the projector? Ditch it, and keep the funky looking tent.

mitxela, May 13 2009

Starlab http://www.starlab.com/
Commercially available, but a bit bigger than backpackable... [neutrinos_shadow, May 13 2009]


       Love it. Similar to indoor planetarium projectors currently on the market (for projecting onto a painted ceiling) but with enough new features to make it innovative.
The sales pitch sold it to me. All that alliteration and the wonderful options.

Do you take credit cards?
skegger, May 13 2009


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