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Portable TV Integrated Fishing Rod

For only the MANLIEST of men
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“Alright, touchdown!” he shouted as he lept from his powerboat's deck chair, causing a record-setting black bass to be flipped up out of the water and straight into the arms of the scantily clad buxom blonde watching in awe nearby, making her almost—but not quite— spill his beer.
ytk, Aug 10 2012


       Put a generator on the fishing-line reel, to power the TV?
Vernon, Aug 10 2012

       I'm not following the idea part of this one. Is this a TV integrated into a fishing rod? Or a fishing rod integrated into a TV?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 10 2012

       Just to clarify: Does the scantily clad buxom blonde come with it?
Grogster, Aug 10 2012

       Never mind that. What does black bass taste like?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 10 2012


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