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temperature monitor

monitors temperature in fish tank and sound alarm if tempature becomes unsatisfactory
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is cased in a plastic box and will be attached to side of the tank. if temperature becomes too high or too low and LED will lflash and an alram sound and a relay will trun off the heater
celtic7329, Apr 15 2002


       Thermostatic aquarium heaters have been available for as long as I can remember.
neelandan, Apr 15 2002

       I think bristolz just wants to be able to Iflash everyone.
Pseudonym #3, Apr 15 2002

       The answer to this is to breed fish that can live in water over a wide range of temperatures. This may, of course, cause difficulties to those who insist on boiling their fish for supper.
Teacake, Feb 19 2004


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