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Portable UPS sounds for their drivers

For stops where they can't get the package car close and have to walk a bit.
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UPS drivers are supposed to make their arrival known through horn honking and cargo door slamming and step jumping noises. Besides these noises most of the animals in the area are tuned in to the sound of the truck and some of them add their voices, also. Some places are gated but have a pedestrian entrance or have other impediments to getting the truck up close enough to be sure their arrival is noticed. The idea is for the UPS tablet they carry to be modified to produce all of the above mentioned noises and more so when walking to a distant door they can use it instead of shouting.
cudgel, Jun 18 2015


       I think, due to the joy of receiving your package (the UPS driver has quite a bit in common with an elf that delivers presents in December), their trucks should have a loud speaker that plays either Three blind mice or Music Box Dancer played loudly with an irritating bell chorus over a huge loudspeaker that can be heard for three miles...that way you are sure to have the house and yard nice and tidy by the time of the joyful visit.
Altoidian, Jun 18 2015

       UPS should run for President.
popbottle, Jun 19 2015

       ^ Tired of undelivered promises?
cudgel, Jun 19 2015


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