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Party Animals Delivery Service

Cats and rats and elephants... for your party
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Rescued from zoos that don't really care,
Our critters have wings and feathers and hair,
We'll come to you, just about anywhere,
For a fee, of course, isn't that fair?

Apes to swing from the chandeliers,
Much more fun than you've had in years,
Goats that can chug a dozen beers,
Before they make the canapes disappear,

Rats to perform on a mini trapeze,
Parakeets flying wherever they please,
Fleas to tease the chimpanzees,
By giving them pepper to make them sneeze.

We'll come to your party and set them loose,
Show them how to get into the juice,
Then leave you to suffer the bestial abuse,
Of your nuts being nibbled by a crazy goose.

So, if your parties could do with some life,
We'll introduce a little strife,
Deliver our pets and let 'em fun rife,
Whatever you do, don't tell your wife.

infidel, May 30 2011


       Strange case of Dr. Seuss and Mr. Hyde.
Sir_Misspeller, May 30 2011

       Dr Jekyll & Dr Heckle?
infidel, May 30 2011


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