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Portable dog tether point

Improved retail opportunities
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Many retail establishments no longer have anywhere to tie up a dog's lead.

The simplest (and best) solution is that all non-food retail outlets should be required to admit dogs.

Since this desireable state of affairs is unlikely to be achieved in the forseable future, BorgCo engineers have developed a portable dog tether point (The tether point is portabe; dogs, by and large, do not require to be carried).

The unit consists of three large circular rubber suckers, similar to dent pullers, clustered togehter in a trifoil arrangement. In the centre is a small spray nozzle.

To use, the dog owner apporaches the glass window of the retail establishment, and presses a thumb button, causing the spray nozzle to emit a fine mist of water-based glass cleaning solution over an area slightly larger than the area occupied by the suckers.

The user then places the device onto the wetted glass and pumps the grip trigger. This evacuates the suckers via a non-return valve and they adhere firmly to the glass.

The dog lead may then be attached to the loop provided on the rear of the device.

To release, a pushbutton admits air to the suckers allowing them to be removed from the window.

The deluxe version has an electric sprayer and air pump powered by a battery, and also sounds an alarm if it becomes detached from the window.

Chose from Small (Terrier/Shih Tzu), Medium (Spaniel/Collie), Large (German Shepherd/Labrador). (The Extra Large size has been withdrawn from sale on advice from the legal department after the Newfoundland assigned to the testing team pulled the entire front window out of a car showroom).

8th of 7, Jul 18 2013


       [+] practical... too practical... what's the catch ?
FlyingToaster, Jul 18 2013

       //practical... what's the catch ?// He didn't specify that it was a ground floor window.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 18 2013

       That's only for Chihuahuas. That model comes complete with a special collar and lead, made of all natural organic twisted hemp and provided with a convenient slip-knot.
8th of 7, Jul 18 2013

       Attach to a revolving door pane to give the dog a free walk.
mitxela, Jul 18 2013

       Or you could just require every store to have a large catapult that automatically returns the dog home before the owner starts shopping.
MechE, Jul 18 2013

       The dog owners could just tie their dog to the clump of other already tied together dogs outside. The collective intelligence of dogs will never work out how to run away and will probably get instantly tangled round a lamppost.
pocmloc, Jul 18 2013


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