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Pet Contraceptive

So we don't have to lop their 'nads off.
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I think that the idea of spaying or castrating an animal that you consider to be a friend to be barbaric. (About on the same level as farming animals for food - although I have trouble reconciling this principle with my love of a nice juicy steak - ho hum - on with the post.)

What I am thinking of is an injection that you give Tibbles every six or so months that prevents the neighbourhood being populated by small versions of your favourite pet.

I'm sure this must be baked but all I can find is an injection that permanently sterilises cats and the recurring phrase, "there is no contraceptive for oral use on mice."

Can anybody contribute or bake this for me?

st3f, Aug 10 2001

Injectable feline contraceptives. http://cats.about.c...401a.htm?once=true&
But it also says 'Not a Substitute for Surgical Spaying in Owned Cats. None of these immunocontraceptive vaccines are expected to be a substitute for surgical spaying of owned female cats. Why? Because they do not stop ovulation, nor the attendant frustrated behavior of female cats in heat. Furthermore, surgical spaying helps prevents ovarian cancer and mammary tumors.' [angel, Aug 10 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

<link form Around TUIT> http://www.vetcentr....cfm?ARTICLEID=1622
contribute or bake you decide [Around TUIT, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       'sant for 'nads
thumbwax, Aug 10 2001

       You mean to say that this isn't an idea for a condom that you can take for walkies?
-alx, Aug 10 2001

       I think most pets would rather have one surgery than a lifetime of injections. Plus most pet owners aren't responsible enough to follow through on an injection method. Getting pets spayed or neutered is not nearly as barbaric as allowing them to reproduce unchecked, creating the huge populations of unwanted strays we now have.
mrthingy, Aug 10 2001

       When would a cat keep a condom.... they don't have any pockets.
CasaLoco, Aug 10 2001

       Since neutering does cause behavior changes in the animal (some favorable, some not), how about vasectomies?
protean, Aug 10 2001

       Kitty condoms can be in the kitty condos
thumbwax, Aug 10 2001

       Why not just put a condom on your dog when ever he gets a boner.
Drondex, Jan 28 2002

       anyone up for the task?
thumbwax, Jan 28 2002

       I am all for this idea. I have had a week of hell and still 4 days to go. Bob and his mum - Misty, visited the vets last week for 'sorting out'. I feel awful subjecting them to this ordeal. Neither can go out until Friday. Bob has licked his parts non-stop, and Misty has a cone on her head to stop her pulling out the stitches, but can hardly eat or drink and walks backwards hugging the walls whilst trying to scratch the thing off.   

       I was thinking of posting an idea as an alternative to the cone. I am sure there must be a better solution to this surgery.??
arora, Jan 28 2002

       Are you one of those P.E.T.A freaks, st3f?
KLRico, Nov 22 2003

       Neutering does actually cause a lot of medical problems in both males and females, so you can't really justify it by saying that it prevents certain problems (check oyt http://www.freewebs.com?socitey_against_neutering for the full details).
NDB, Aug 15 2004

       Link for you. sorry go fish
Around TUIT, Aug 15 2004

       I always wanted to be able to get a vasectomy for my tom cats.......
normzone, Aug 15 2004

       TUIT: Why the fishbone?
st3f, Aug 16 2004

       is the //link form around TUIT//'s neck? bit worrying that.
po, Aug 16 2004

       [TUIT], your link is interesting input but not the same as [st3f]'s idea. Bone if you wish but your justification is empty. We use a contraceptive with our dog; it's called a "leash."
bpilot, Aug 16 2004


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