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Portable oven

Portable oven for use at holidays or other large baking times
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I have debated posting this because of it's assumed marketability. But, it is an idea easily copied and thereby rendering it ? un-patentable ? Every Thanksgiving and on other big oven holidays, we run out of oven space. My Mom and Dad have two kitchens in their homestead for this reason and yet they never have enough oven space. So my idea is this. Make an oven that is stand alone and self contained. It can be 220v and just as big as a regular oven inside. If you have ever moved a stove you know they are the lightest appliance in a kitchen next to the dishwasher. So you build it into an insulated box with non-skid feet and a hold down strap, to prevent tipping. When the holiday or event comes around, you pick it up by its handles and set it on top of your clothes dryer. Are you getting it now? You strap said device to the top of your dryer and plug it in to your dryer outlet. It is a full functioning oven replete with temperature probe and timer. The wiring to your dryer is capable of pulling the same load as your dryer. Of course if you are on gas or don't have a dryer, you would have to install an auxiliary outlet. But it would be a fairly convenient way to gain oven space for those special events. I am building a prototype from an older wall oven. These are fairly cheap second hand and most of the time people who have wall ovens only use them three or four times a year so they are twenty years old and practically new. My prototype is going in a plywood box much like the kitchen cabinet it came from. I plan on running a hold down strap of the cam lock variety under the dryer and over the top to prevent tipping. I will vent it out the top like any other oven, and install a dryer cord. On Thanksgiving day, I'll pop the turkey in it and have the kitchen cooler and ready for all the other good stuff we will be cooking.

Boned Appetit'


PS: The redneck version could be made from a camper oven hooked up to a 20# cylinder, but I think I'd leave that one on the porch and not bring it in the house.

CNIII, Sep 21 2009

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Hm! [jutta, Sep 21 2009]

The Cobb http://cobb-bbq.co.uk/
My friend's got one of these. Can be used in doors or out for baking, roasting, frying, smoking, whatever. This what you need? [theleopard, Sep 22 2009]


       Lightly (*lightly*; we don't want a repeat of last year) baste the turkey in a monopropellant and microwave on low for 5 minutes: crispy goodness all the way through.
FlyingToaster, Sep 21 2009

       In my kitchen, the dishwasher goes where I tell her to.
coprocephalous, Sep 22 2009

       So to cut past all of the subterfuge as to where "next to" is, by next to I intend for you to understand that in a list of kitchen appliances that might be organized by weight, a stove is within the order nearest to the dishwasher. Now if you mean in the physical sense, in my kitchen the stove is between the dishwasher and the refrigerator, thus the stove is the lighter of the two appliances nearest the dishwasher. The point was to convey that weight was not a practical obstruction to the idea.   

       So back to the idea, The bones from jutta are IMHO unwarranted because the idea is nothing like using a dryer to cook in. Your link might be useful for poaching salmon, but I doubt I would want to dry my clothes hence.   

       I am aware that there are small toaster ovens available, but I don't know of any that would have the capacity of a regular oven in either the terms of volume or the ability to roast a 28 pound turkey.   

       110 volt ovens lack the wattage for cooking that a 220 volt oven can provide. My concept provides a reasonable alternative to installing a wall oven or a second stove. The portability would lend itself to other times when one oven is not enough. Like when grandma has the family together to bake Christmas cookies. My Grandmother always made a family gathering for making cookies. Because she had a small oven, only a small quantity could be baked at one time and we all ended up taking home unbaked dough to bake later. Not that that is a hardship, who doesn't love the smell of fresh baked cookies. Just that it would have been easier to have it done all to once.
CNIII, Sep 25 2009

       I think grandma has the right idea...
po, Sep 25 2009


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