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Position anywhere car visor

A car visor on a gooseneck
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A car visor, made of ND plastic, which can be adjusted virtually anywhere in front of, or beside the driver of a vehicle to better shield one's eyes from the sun.
grahamhgreen, Oct 10 2003

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squeak, Oct 10 2003

       Sun glasses?
DrCurry, Oct 10 2003

       I'd actually be quite happy to have one of these. I'm a bit vertically challenged so all the conventional visors are too high up to throw any shade on my face at all. If I want to use it I have to either sit on a cushion or stretch my neck up as far as it goes which makes me look like a turtle.
squeak, Oct 10 2003

       I'm curious, do you have a full name for 'ND plastic?'
RayfordSteele, Oct 10 2003

       can these be lengthened with a concertina type *neck*?   

       North Dakota?
po, Oct 10 2003

       ND = Neutral Density, basically grey see through plastic, comes in different densities - .3, .6, etc....   

       I suppose other colors, materials (crash tested) would work.
grahamhgreen, Oct 10 2003

       of course, it could fit on the top of your head with a suction cup.
po, Oct 10 2003

       ...with a little rubber tube going from the suction cup to your mouth so you can replenish the suction.
pluterday, Oct 10 2003

       You donlt need a goosneck. My dad made something to do this years ago out of a small piece of opaque plastic (in the shape of a rounded rectangle) with a single suction cup to hold it on the windshield. It worked pretty well.   

       I doubt you could market it, though. Some idiot would sue you because he forgot to take it down.
CheapTalk, Jul 27 2004


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