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Punchable gym fridge

Densely padded exterior for punching!
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Inspired by freestanding heavy bags, and the struggle to find a place to put one in one's home with limited floorspace. Will it move like a heavy bag? Nope. Will it be good enough to replace a real heavy bag for serious trainers? Also no. Get yours today!
21 Quest, Apr 07 2024


       //Also no. Get yours today!// [+]
pertinax, Apr 07 2024

       What [blissmiss] is going to say.
Voice, Apr 07 2024

       This is the fridge where you stick the school pictures of your least favorite children.
21 Quest, Apr 07 2024

       Somewhere in the John Varley trilogy Titan/Wizard/Demon one of the characters advises another "never hit the bones with your fist - that's what sticks and stones are for". Such exercises make my keyboard hands unhappy.
normzone, Apr 08 2024

       Does it have an option of having one's favourite politician's face printed on it?
Edie, Apr 13 2024

       Uh oh...
doctorremulac3, Apr 13 2024

       In another lifetime, during a raucous party, we had a competition who could punch the fridge the hardest. I had to live in regret for years every time I passed by that cratered facade. [+]
daseva, Apr 18 2024

       That's awesome.
21 Quest, Apr 19 2024


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