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Postit Antibacterial Mice

Cover mouse with postit notes
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To help deal with a nation of computer germaphobes RockCo has developed a Postit note mouse. The entire surface of the electronic critter is layered with Postit notes such that when a surface becomes discolored or otherwise icky from use that particular note can simply be pulled off, revealing the clean, untouched note below.

International version to be available soon. Super skinny roller wheel Postits are also under development.

whatrock, Nov 23 2018

Inspiration antibacterial_20mice
[whatrock, Nov 23 2018]

Interface Controlled by Hand Gestures https://www.youtube...watch?v=UK6lBhTJ3Fs
Does this make the idea obsolete? [Skewed, Nov 23 2018]

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       Or just use motion sensors <linky>?
Skewed, Nov 23 2018

       // Does this make the idea obsolete //   

       Not at all. Perfect solution for third-world germaphobes and countries who wish to be viewed as third-world for tax reasons. Also great for starving college medical students.
whatrock, Nov 24 2018


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