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antibacterial mice

Polymers with silver in them kill bacteria. Use these polymers on computer mice and keyboards.
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I just used a computer in a library and sneezed. Now the mouse and keyboard might have picked up some bacteria or viruses.

There are silver containing antibacterial plastics [link]. they could use these for Keyboards, mice, and ATM keypads.

They could do research on antimicrobial tooth coatings. these coatings already exist, but not as far as I know not in an antimicrobial version.

Now the iffy part: I have a feeling little mountains of body-stuff accumulate on frequently touched surfaces which keeps the gunk pretty far away from the antibacterial polymer.

beanangel, Nov 21 2018

antimicrobial silver polymers https://www.ncbi.nl...gov/pubmed/17335284
[beanangel, Nov 21 2018]

Steampunk mouse https://www.behance...846/Steampunk-mouse
I like this quite a lot [DenholmRicshaw, Nov 22 2018]

Triclosan plastic being ineffective https://academic.ou...cle/53/6/989/900762
Based on these analyses, no significant differences were observed between the populations attached to TP and CP surfaces. Results from both a bioavailability assay and gas chromatography mass spectrometry analyses, revealed that only trace amounts of triclosan desorbed from the plastic. The lack of biofilm community difference, coupled with this limited desorption of triclosan from the TP indicates that the ABS plastic studied was no more effective at controlling bacterial populations than the control plastic because the antimicrobial was not bioavailable. [beanangel, Nov 22 2018]

Vampire of Lugnano https://www.techtim...ent-burial-site.htm
and ..(dead) 3-year-old girl’s stones placed on her hands and feet [not_morrison_rm, Nov 23 2018]


       I suppose it all depends on whether you let anyone else into your library or not.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 21 2018

       Putting silver in plastics is all very well, but I think the larger problem is allowing plastics into a library.   

       Constructing the mouse out of copper & brass will perform extremely well as an antimicrobial (5-log reduction in an hour) while being the sort of material people actually like.
bs0u0155, Nov 21 2018

       I had no idea you could make mice out of copper or brass. Synthetic biology has really got its shit together.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 21 2018

       Does triclosan not work anymore?
Cuit_au_Four, Nov 22 2018

       I found a rather nice copper mouse - not quite brass - but I actually find myself wanting one.
DenholmRicshaw, Nov 22 2018

       regarding triclosan I read that the concentrations in antibacterial plastics are insufficient to do a good job.
beanangel, Nov 22 2018

       Just make things out of wood. It is amazingly antibacterial.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 22 2018

       //Polymers with silver in them kill bacteria//   

       Further evidence for lycanthropy as an infectious disease?   

       ^ If this was QI I should be seeing giant words flashing on a screen behind me as a siren sounds around about now.
Skewed, Nov 23 2018


       Why does silver work for werewolves, but not zombies ? Why does garlic repel vampires, but not werewolves ?   

       Is it possible to develop a broad-spectrum treatment to deal with Undead?   

8th of 7, Nov 23 2018

       //Is it possible to develop a broad-spectrum treatment to deal with Undead?//   

       ^ Baked.   

       Both beheading & burning (tying them to a stake first optional) are widely considered a universal panacea for the undead, incidentally proves efficacious for the living as well.
Skewed, Nov 23 2018

       Silver binds to the cell-surface receptor GHwv2A*-kinase. This is one of only six genes in werewolves that is a hybrid between human and wolf genes (ie, the recombination has happened at the mid-point of each of the parental genes). Silver ions bind to the receptor but block its action (its normal ligand is magnesium), leading to a rapid depletion of acetyl choline and hence to respiratory collapse and/or cardiac failure.   

       Garlic repels vampires because, well, when did you ever hear a vampire with a French or Italian accent?   

       [*damn the lack of subscriptability]
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 23 2018

       Yes, being Undead seems to be a more Central/Eastern European occupation.   

       // beheading & burning //   

       That's useful to know. We were actually hoping for something a bit more compact, like a packet of tablets, or a small aerosol can that can be slipped into a pocket; a katana and ten litres of kerosene are both bulky and heavy.   

       Oh well. Better safe than sorry.
8th of 7, Nov 23 2018

       //We were actually hoping for something a bit more compact//   

       How about a mobile phone with Dial-a-Smite's napalm delivery service on quick dial?   

       [^ wanders off muttering something about pop eating itself]
Skewed, Nov 23 2018

       Haven't I done the low number of werewolves in areas of readily available silver bit? As for vampires/other undead the old way was to bury them with a stone in the mouth and heavy rocks on the hands and feet. No idea if it works or not.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 23 2018

       I wonder what happens if you silver plate a door knocker or a doorknob?
beanangel, Nov 24 2018

       //I wonder what happens if you silver plate a door knocker or a doorknob?//   

       Sounds like an excellent way to determine the prevalence of werewolves in your neighborhood.. or the lack of them.   

       First record the number of door to door salesman visiting your abode over a period of twelves months then silver plate your doorknob & knocker, the difference in numbers (if lower) can then be assumed to be werewolves (or other lycanthropes) turned away by the silver*, if the number of lycanthropes in the population working as door to door salesman can be assumed to be similar to their numbers in other occupations the results can be used to estimate how much of the population are in fact lycanthropes.   

       [*or perhaps just an indication that someone stole your silver doorknob & knocker]   

       While no change in the number of doorknockers between the two twelve month periods can be interpreted as evidence they don't really exist.   

       I'm not sure what an increase in the number of doorknockers would tell you.
Skewed, Nov 24 2018

       ^ you know on balance I think I'm just going to go with "someone steals it"
Skewed, Nov 24 2018

       Does silver kill bacteria via the oligodynamic effect? I learned the other day that many bacteria have recently evolved resistance to being killed that way.
notexactly, Dec 06 2018


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