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Real Objects Interface

Don't fumble with symbols - kludge the real thing!
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This interface is primarily for working with digital graphic objects like image files, movies etc. It works like this:

Plug your ROI enabled device into an printer. It will print out a bunch of thumbnail images of the files you want to handle and (if it is a genuine, certified ROI printer) cut it into stamp-size thumbnail images.

Stack and sort and mix and cut and montage the printouts as you wish. If you want to create collections, put a strip of paper with the collection title beneath each heap of thumbnails.

Then, with your smartphone or netbook camera, take a snapshot of the heap. According to the setup of thumbnail images which you created on your desktop the ROI interface will sort the images into folders, collections, merge some of them, purge others and, all in all, try to conceptually recreate the collection of thumbnails which physically clutters your desktop.

Get a broom to clean your desktop and enjoy your fresh assortment of files in your computer. Rediscover old enemies in long-lost pictures and dream about the friends you might have had if you weren't a nerd.

Toto Anders, Jan 05 2016


       //Stack// //take a snapshot// Might you eluidate hereabouts perchance?
pocmloc, Jan 05 2016

       Umm, print out your digital photos so you can haphazardly arrange them, and take a digital photo of the mess? Why not just do it all in-computer?
This is a non-solution looking for a theoretical problem...
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 05 2016

       No need for a printer, it could be a service. Give a website permission to access certain folders on your computer and then wait for a box of thumbnails and assorted paper templates to arrive in the mail.
the porpoise, Jan 06 2016

       // This is a non-solution looking for a theoretical problem... //   

       I'll tell this to the friend whom I watched yesterday as he sorted his thousands of pictures using an incredibly awkward interface (i.e. Windows Explorer). I know that there are more elegant and ergonomic interfaces, but older folks tend to stick to what they already know. Like sorting their stamp collection.
Toto Anders, Jan 07 2016

       // //Stack// //take a snapshot// Might you eluidate hereabouts perchance? //   

       I leave it to the intricate logic of the ROI software to best-guess what's underneath the top image of each stack. Shouldn't be too hard. Let it sort either by face recognition or by boob size.
Toto Anders, Jan 07 2016


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