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face of your halloween jack'o'lantern changes color
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Works on the same principle as a spinning paper lamp shade which projects pictures on a stationary outer shade. The heat from the candle inside the pumpkin would spin an aluminum foil cylinder with louvers at it's top. The cylinder would balance on a wire tripod centered above the candle, and three or more sections of the cylinder which are made from colored celophane, would make the eyes and mouth of the jack'o'lantern change color.

New from Fry.co Only $ 29.95, but wait theres more, you also get this handy pumpkin carving set, the deluxe pumpkin stencil book, and fifteen, count'em fifteen interchangable celophane inserts.

An incredible value worth over $ 90.00 yours for only $ 29.95, and if you order in the next twenty minutes we'll also throw in a free pumpkin.

Dial 1-900-PUMKAMELEON, thats 1-900-786-526-35366 Operators are standing by. price does not include taxes. Add $ 3.95 shipping and handling. Canadian residents add $ 5.95


       [2fry], you're such a Martha Stewart. +   

       Hmmm. I may try building one of these.
bristolz, Oct 13 2002

       Actualy I'm her half brother Martin Stewart   

       Ya see the Jack o' Lantern with its oversized mouth and its seeds spewed out like hurl? This idea in several shades of pink and green would make the display queasily honest.
reensure, Oct 13 2002

       Will thir be a neep ane fir aw the guisers?
[ sctld ], Oct 13 2002

       Huh? Exsqueezeme eye bagaparsely?   

       Perchance, good sir, shall there be made into existence a turnip version for those of us who prefer the delights of guising, as opposed to the evils of begging- i mean 'trick or treating'. No wait, i was correct the first time, begging.
[ sctld ], Oct 14 2002

       Oh sure, turnips, spaghetti squash, various varieties of gourds and or melons, of course the price increases.   

       Mad Radishes?
Mr Burns, Oct 14 2002

       Pumpkin pie - filled croissant to you.
FarmerJohn, Oct 14 2002

       Yes yes! Build a little bitty radish one for me please!
madradish, Oct 15 2002

       I made one of these on the weekend with my kids. An alternating, flickering, green and purple pumpkin face looks pretty cool. In case anyone wants to make one of these, it took a bit of experimenting to make one that would actualy rotate. We used a pie tin for the pinwheel and cut up see through plastic report covers for the shade. Any thing reflective should be spray painted black first for best effect. Happy hallows eve.   

       Just brilliant. I wouldn't be surprised to see this one happen. I'll probably do it.
AllenChristopher, May 12 2003


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