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Power-Up Golf

Golf like a video game!!!
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You start this golf game with only one club. It can be any one you choose.

But, every time you par or birdie on a hole, you get to add a new club to your arsenal.

And, you can also pick up special "powers" by hitting the ball into the special bonus bunkers that are located on each fairway. Each bonus bunker offers a different power. Some of the available power-ups are:

Water hazard Immunity
Best of Two (lets you take two shots and keep only the best one)
Disintegrate (lets you replace opponent's golf ball with a plastic "practice" ball)
Throw (lets you throw the ball on your shot, instead of having to hit it with a club)
Darkness (makes your opponent hit his next shot with his eyes closed)
Stomp (you get to hammer your opponent's ball into the ground with your driver)
Force Field (before each putt, you can lay one club on the ground to help guide the ball into the hole)
Gotcha (lets you sneak up behind opponent just as he is about to swing, and shout "GOTCHA!!!" - can be used once per game)
Poverty (your opponent must walk everywhere, but you get to ride in the cart)

Makes for some interesting strategy. Do you put the ball in the hole and take the lead, or do you sacrifice a stroke trying to obtain more powerful "weapons" that may pull you ahead in the long run?

phundug, Nov 07 2003


       this may be the ONLY way to make golf intertaining...in my opinion at least. its the "calvin ball" of golf.....i like it!
babyhawk, Nov 07 2003

       churned via random button. neat game.
po, Mar 03 2006

       ^_^ thank you po :) ^_^
phundug, Mar 03 2006

       Bunker shots: The golfer may either
a) take a drop outside the bunker for no power-up
b) play where it lies to collect a power-up.

       Water hazard: following any shot landed in the wet, this power up may either:
a) be used on its own for a free drop from the same location
b) be combined with any other power-up for a free drop on the OTHER SIDE of the water hazard.
If the player so elects, this card may be combined with TWO other power-ups BEFORE a risky shot in order to bypass the hazard altogether. This option may not be excercized during the initial tee shot.

       Club-length drop on the green:
May be used on your own shot to improve the lie, or against an opponent to damage the lie.

       Club change:
Single-use: Choose any club for one swing,
Overrule your opponent's choice of clubs at any time. Choice to be made at cardholder's discretion, club may be chosen from cardholder's or opponent's bag.
(Quiet as Jones tees up on a long par-3. He's taking his stance and lining up - OH WAIT! Smith has elected to use his "Switch the club" card. Sorry Jones, looks like you'll be using your five-iron for this shot.)
This card may also be combined with any other power-up to permanently replace any one of your own clubs. (sitting in a sand trap with a great power-up, but only have a driver and a putter? Trade in that putter for a sand wedge, and sink the ball with your four-wood.)

       I like it. [+]
Freefall, Mar 03 2006


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