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Russian 'Golf' Roulette

How to improve golf without the cost of loosing balls.
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Golf, very nice game. Not very interesting for TV or audiences (sorry all golf fans, dont hate me). The idea is to hit the ball round the course in the least amount of shots, but what happens when you loose a ball risking the water hazzard. You drop a shot, take a muligan.

What if you were forced into not loosing the golf ball. See you start the game with 7 golf balls. One on the tee, 6 in the bag.

For beginners 1 of the balls in the bag contains a stun grenade, for the advanced pro 4 out of the six contains stun grenades and for the 'celebrity version', well make that up yourself !

When you loose a ball and you want/wont 'play it where it lays' then you have to pick out another ball. Use the stun grenade ball and your KO'd till the stun wears off. The person with the best time round the course wins, run out of balls or forfeit by not choosing the loaded ball and your out of the game.

Simple but effective. 'Ginger Genius'

ginge, Jul 27 2001


       How about having one of the balls explode on contact instead of just stunning the golfer.....wait, I'm feeling like some other baker today.....KaBOOM!   

       You are right about golf being the most boring game to watch...right up there with bowling and tennis.....   

       Golf would be more interesting if it were played on the run...hitting the ball quickly....maybe even from horseback with people trying to block your shot...oh, wait, then it would be polo.....
Susen, Jul 27 2001

       You're just trying to drum up business for your horse-breeding operation, aren't you? <grin>
StarChaser, Jul 28 2001

       For the sake of actually playing this, use a few of those gag golf balls that explode into a cloud of dust when you hit 'em. Not that stun grenades don't sound like fun though...
Pac-man, Jan 18 2007


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