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Power-washable Bathroom

Spray your way to a clean bathroom!
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Cleaning the bathroom is a pain. You have windex for the mirror, some sort of soft-scrubbing stuff for sinks and other surfaces. You have to use another special substance to clean the toilet, as well as the special brush (which then sits out in the open in that little plastic shell thing). The tub probably has it's own chemical cleanser, and a stiff brush as well to get rid of the soap scum. All done? Well, there's hair and dirt on the floor, too...

Instead, consider covering every surface of the bathroom with stainless steel, and installing a small drain in the corner. Prisons have used polished steel for mirrors for quite some time, those could be use to replace flimsy glass mirrors. Add a stainless steel toilet with no bowl, stainless steel sink, and a high-pressure water outlet in the wall, and you're in business. Use the safe, economical and environmentally-friendly power of high-pressure water to blast germs and gunk down the drain!

sycorob24, Jul 12 2004


       I actually have used a pressure washer in a shower to remove a lot of gunk that was left by the previous owner. So it took a little bit of grout with it...big deal, the shower needed re-grouted anyway.   

       This reminds me of "the man's bathroom" on an episode of the "Home Improvement" TV sit-com.
half, Jul 12 2004

       In Japan I had an apartment with a two-piece plastic bathroom. Sink, shower, toilet - all molded in place. Drain in the middle of the floor. The shower head was on a hose; so while showering, you could just wash down the whole thing.
lurch, Jul 13 2004


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