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Power Messaging

know when your power's off
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A few months back, my bro (and H) were on holiday and their house experienced a power cut, thus his fridge was a stinky mess on his return. It could have been worse had they owned a goldfish.

My suggestion is a plug extension (travel adapter size) which has an embedded SMS application. Thus, when the power's down for more than (a predetermined time) it'll SMS a contact company (or a person of your choosing) with a view to sorting it out. The units retail for $50, but you'll get a discount off your insurance.

P.S. should not be used in hospitals, life support etc.
neilp, Aug 20 2004


       I'm sure they exist already.. I just couldn't find one.
neilp, Aug 20 2004

       You keep your goldfish in the fridge?
st3f, Aug 20 2004

       How do the maintenance people get into your house? Not so keen to leave my door unlocked just in case.
harderthanjesus, Aug 20 2004

       wouldn't it be easier to text you?
po, Aug 20 2004

       So you could panic and think about it for the rest of your holiday.
harderthanjesus, Aug 20 2004

       htj, no just so that you could get a pal round there.
po, Aug 20 2004

       the electricty mains powers the device (stores enough charge in the battery to send a SMS). The idea is that you get it to text a key holder (whether that's you, a friend, a neighbour, or a security company).
neilp, Aug 22 2004

       I like it. Of course the alternative is to get your brother to go round and check everything still works.   

       I'll have one please. Smelly freezers are grim.
hazel, Aug 23 2004


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