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Nipple Switch

When you really want to turn it on
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Replace all light switch fittings around the house with a realistic flesh coloured latex nipple shaped cover. You will soon find yourself on lonely nights hovering at the doorway switching the lights on and off, eventually entering every room turning it on with your tongue, until finally you start doing strange things to the power socket.

Realistic flesh coloured latex power sockets are sold separately.

benfrost, Oct 12 2004

Well, I know I'd be self conscious about them were they in my house. http://bz.pair.com/fun/switch.jpg
40Kb image [bristolz, Oct 14 2004]

Orgasm + 1/8 http://www.brianmung.com/fancysoup8.htm
Relating to orgasms and sneezing. Accent is hard to decipher but worth the effort [5th Earth, Oct 16 2004]


       // eventually entering every room turning it on with your tongue//   

       After you.
skinflaps, Oct 12 2004

       With what will you be replacing door handles?
friendlyfire, Oct 12 2004

       something that vibrates. and squirts intermittently. you should come over some time. i'll show you the flush button on my toilet.
benfrost, Oct 12 2004

       I'm not sure what you're referring to here Ben, but the image in my mind is EEEW!
wagster, Oct 12 2004

       reminds me of an episode of Fawlty Towers...
po, Oct 12 2004

       Both sneezing and orgasm involve triggering of the vagus nerve in the brain. I would try to find out more about this, but putting 'orgasm' into a search engine while at work is probably not the greatest idea.
wagster, Oct 12 2004

       couldn't find a link.   

       hotel lady guest exercising against the door while Basil is in the next room testing the light with his hand blindly groping for the light switch - finds woman's breast just as Mrs Fawlty enters room. you HAD to be there.
po, Oct 12 2004

       Where? On set?
bristolz, Oct 12 2004

po, Oct 12 2004

       THAT explains it......[wagster], I sometimes sneeze repeatedly after orgasm....I know, TMI, but I've always wondered what was going on. Must be some signal crosstalk or something.
normzone, Oct 12 2004

       I love the way the human body has evolved. If it had been engineered it would make sense. I mean......ears?
wagster, Oct 12 2004

       that reminds me of the great idea heard during childhood - "collect pieces of foreskin from some clinic, removed during circumcision. make a purse out of those. the purse would look very attractive with shades of black, grey, wheatish, red, copper etc.etc. whenever u want use it as suitcase, just rub it for 2 minutes".
vedarshi, Oct 13 2004

       [verdashi] that would only work if you also collected the arteries and veins, because skin doesn't enlarge on it's own.
lintkeeper2, Oct 13 2004

       [lintkeeper2]this is half bakery.
vedarshi, Oct 13 2004

       i still cant believe UB let his girlfriend have a breast reduction. I thought he was an Australian.
etherman, Oct 13 2004

       [verdashi] I know where I am, that magic is not permitted, and pendantry runs rampant. Post your idea and see what happens.
lintkeeper2, Oct 13 2004

       i have been posting ideas since long & have been lucky enough to get fishbones almost every time :)
vedarshi, Oct 14 2004

       this is kindda baked: I have nipples that look like light switches.
etherman, Oct 14 2004

       //a girl whose nipples became erect whenever she sneezed// and vice versa?
hippo, Oct 14 2004

       I can see the ad campaign now. The light switch that turns you on.   

       Another great drawing, [bris].
Worldgineer, Oct 14 2004

       Dear God <Bris> it was only supposed to be a nipple not an entire knocker.
etherman, Oct 15 2004

       It could be a nice dimmer switch, hmmm
etherman, Oct 15 2004

       that light switch needs a bra.
benfrost, Oct 16 2004

       Or at least a nipple star.
DrCurry, Oct 16 2004

       For real, I think it's Paris Hilton, prior to her hopefully soon, (if'n she's gonna keep exposing them), boob job.
blissmiss, Oct 16 2004

       Now I've seen the picture I think these would have to be made in pairs - it looks odd just having one on its own.
hippo, Oct 16 2004

       Almost superfluous.   


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