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I'd like to formally apologise for whatever idea of mine it was that prompted you to click on my name thinking, "Who the hell is this idiot?!" Of course, if you linked from my site then this does no apply.

Thank you for your time and patience.

ALSO! Due to comments I recieved recently regarding my name, harderthanjesus, I would like to assure any offended Christians that no offence is intended. I am not in any way attacking Jesus or what he stood or stands for. Jesus was a healer, not a fighter and no disrespect is intended. It is merely a quote fragment from one of my favourite comics.

One day maybe I'll have a good idea!

Any complaints can be addressed to harderthanjesus at gmail dot com. Also, if you want to chat that's also my address for my MSN Messenger account.

In hypertext transfer protocol, on the world wide web, after a dot geocities dot com slash harderthanjesus slash sexierthanbuddha dot html

[Aug 27 2004, last modified May 23 2006]

 Babel Engine
(+3) Bee On A Stick
 Capsule Plane
(+3) Cereal Corner
(+1) Consequences Soap
(+7, -4) Demoncracy
(+6) Eclectic Guitar
(+2) Expression Testing
 Final Olympic Multiathelon Relay Event
 Gunge Palace
(+17, -3)(+17, -3) Head Zeppelin
(+19, -3)(+19, -3) Hover Computer
(+10)(+10) Kung-Fu Street Theatre
(+1) Marco Polo
(+4) Melodious Message Machine
(+2) Minimugmowash
(-1) Morbid Fascination Lane
(+5, -2) On Trousers And Safety
(+3) OS Card
(-1) Parasoltimate
(+9, -1)(+9, -1) Red Cross Trigger Book
(+4, -1) Reminder Towel
 Smoker's Distraction
(+7, -1) SOS Lining
(+7, -4) The Automotive Zeppelator
(+1) The Bakyr
(+13)(+13) The Best Halfbakery Album In The World...Ever!
(+10, -1)(+10, -1) The Wind Smells Like Mary
 Two-Way Toaster

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