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Power Pillow

Sensory Deprivation + Repose Padding
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Blinders, ear plugs, and ~180 degrees of breathable cushioning on the back side, plus plenty of adjustable straps and a clamp of some sort to keep the ear plugs reasonably tight. Fit your head into the center and life suddenly becomes dark and quiet, perfect for sleeping through your roomate's friends' cursed all-night rock-and-roll and video game binges.

(not that I've never participated in such, but there are times when I'd prefer sleep)

[better categorization suggestions welcome]

absterge, Aug 29 2001


       Was it William Burroughs who likened a dark box for this purpose to be sexually stimulating due to what our brain waves perceive as auto-stimuli (my words)?
thumbwax, Aug 29 2001


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