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phrase mute on portable audio

Interupt music of you walkman with your voice
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I often miss calls, or conversations because I can't hear others interrupting me. Also I have difficulty pausing my snugly hidden personal audio (walkman) when I want to talk to somebody (asking for directions (a common site in Amsterdam)).

So I want to mute the music on my personal audio just by saying a phrase, or keyword. I also want others to be able to interrupt my music with a phrase, or perhaps even a signal (from my mail client, or phone). The mute should configured in different levels and time laps, depending on the goal of the interruption (just hearing a 'ring', or speaking with the neighbors).

psneekes, Sep 25 2002

Allard's computer museum http://www.computermuseumgroningen.nl/
Dutch Spelling [rrr, Oct 18 2004]


       Tsk. More Dutchmen who can't spell. <affable grin & waggly head...>
General Washington, Sep 25 2002

       General Washington, I know him. He can't spell in *any* language, including Dutch. He is proud to be a dyslectic language artist.   

       But this is different from real Dutch Spelling. There are many great websites with Dutch Spelling. Follow the link to the computermuseum for example. Or perhaps it is only funny if you know the language.
rrr, Oct 18 2004


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