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Power in the gym

How halfbakery makes you look at things and wonder.
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The other day I walked by a store that sells exercise equipment. I couldn't help but notice that they all had displays to show how fast you are running, rowing, climbing steps etc.

This made me think about how it has become inapropriate to post ideas about creating electricity with these machines to use them as an additional power plant.

But at least, I say at least, these machines could power their own displays? ALL OF THEM were connected to power outlets in the floor!

zeno, Mar 09 2007

Precor 523 Elliptical Exercise Machine http://www.alibaba....ercise_Machine.html
[jutta, Mar 09 2007]

Star Trac PRO Upright Exercise Bike http://www.megafitn...-exercise-bike.html
[jutta, Mar 09 2007]

MrSheep's annotation about half-way down the page Self-Powered_20Health_20Clubs
[jutta, Mar 09 2007]

Self-powered Treadmill http://www.fitnessq...kytrec/skytrec1.htm
Muscular, half-naked hunk not included. [jutta, Mar 09 2007]

Schwinn Windrigger Rowing Machine http://www.ukfitnes...td/WINDRIGGER/55744
[jutta, Mar 09 2007]

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       The gym I go to has some self-powered machines, and they've been mentioned before in other threads about this. They shouldn't be hard to find on the net.
jutta, Mar 09 2007

       [Wipes sweat of brow and goes phew!people think after all and is gratefull.]
zeno, Mar 09 2007

       The one thing I've noticed is that self-powered treadmills are a completely different creature from powered treadmills. Were you looking at a store full of treadmills, perchance?
jutta, Mar 09 2007

       He he, that makes me think of small furry creatures (all gathered together in cave and grooving with a pict), but the things in the window were only needing energy to power those little computer screens, I am sure.
zeno, Mar 09 2007

       Gee, what wouldn't I do to have such a body. Indeed, what I wouldn't do. Can't be bothered so what am I complaining.
zeno, Mar 09 2007

       Schwinn Windrigger Rowing machine, self powered. Exactly.
zeno, Mar 09 2007

       // Gee, what wouldn't I do to have such a body.
Well, what you'd need to do is pick different parents - exercise can't change your body type into a mesomorph.

       Self-powered exercise machines should have a house current outlet in them, so you can use them as a generator in a pinch.
jutta, Mar 09 2007

       I thought the power plug was so the machine could do all the heavy moving for you.
ye_river_xiv, Mar 10 2007

       Treadmills need power to keep the belt moving, also to elevate the incline of the belt to simulate slopes.   

       My eliptical machine however has a self-powered grey-LCD display. And it's at least four or five years old or more. So I guess they do do this on machines where it is practical.
phaseinduction, Mar 11 2007


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