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Power line sail generator

Strung between large power line poles along with the electric power lines
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Sails strung between high power lines , generate electricity.

They can be long ribbons along the power lines or like clothing hung from the power lines, or between two new ropes.

It would be best to make them triangular so they flutter.

The "poles" are built with a structure strong enough to hold extra pull.

pashute, Dec 07 2012

13,800 V generator https://www.cummins...0/P80-High-Voltage/
[spidermother, Dec 08 2012]

piezo-something-or-other http://en.wikipedia...ki/Piezoelectricity
used in skis to generate electrical current [Brian the Painter, Dec 08 2012]


       Voltages on power lines are far beyond the levels of most power generators; they have transformers to boost the voltage (and reduce the amperage). This Idea thus gets bogged down under the weight of necessary peripheral hardware.
Vernon, Dec 07 2012

       on the other hand they are there. no reason why you would need a transformer on every pole, just every few poles.
WcW, Dec 07 2012

       It's possible to generate rather high voltages directly (link).   

       There are quite a few ideas here for placing wind generators on power lines and transmission poles.
spidermother, Dec 08 2012


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