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Propeller Hat Windfarms

For a colourful countryside
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Windfarms are an installation of tall, typically white and bland, windmills that attempt to harness the power of the winds. They are sometimes criticised as being an eyesore and a blight on the landscape.

Propellor hats are cute, brightly multi-coloured hats with a free-to-spin propeller on the top.

Propellor Hat Windfarms are an installation of tall, brightly multi-coloured windmills that harness the power of the winds and radiate cheeriness through their rainbow-y appearance.

Jinbish, Nov 30 2010

Windfarms http://www.google.c...wi&biw=1366&bih=570
[Jinbish, Nov 30 2010]

(?) Propeller Hats http://www.google.c...=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=
[Jinbish, Nov 30 2010]

some folks are already doing this!! http://webecoist.co...nd-turbine-designs/
[xandram, Nov 30 2010]


       totally read this wrongly - thought they really were propellor hats!
po, Nov 30 2010

       How about millions of micro-generation plants?   

       Distribute Propellor Hats with tiny generators among the population. A small wearable battery stores power.   

       Hatstands at the entrances to buildings re-distribute the power to the grid.   

       [+] for brightly coloured windfarms.
Twizz, Nov 30 2010

       I had a feeling these would be baked in California, but check out the link for some countries already doing it!
xandram, Nov 30 2010


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