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Roof Ridge Windmill

Not visible to the casual passer-by
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The ridge tiles on the roof would be 10cm higher than usual. In the gap would be the top half of the blades, shaped something like a drill bit.

Assuming a 10m long roof, this would give you an area of 1m2.

I assume that the wind will be stronger at the ridge than the surroundings as the roof deflects it upwards.

Some non-trivial modifications would be necessary to the top of the triangular wooden support thingies to make a single turbine, so probably easier to have a smaller turbine between each TWST.

marklar, Dec 16 2010

diverted wind flat turbine generator Discussed at length by HBers mostly claiming its not worth the try [pashute, Nov 06 2012]

Roof Ridge Windmill http://cleantechnic...ating-wind-turbine/
Same idea from 2009 [marklar, Aug 28 2013]


       What's a TWST? Oh! "Triangular Wooden Support Thingy"
pashute, Nov 06 2012

       Birds and squirrels could nest there, on calm days.
popbottle, Aug 28 2013


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