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This user account was destroyed in a disk crash in October 2004. If it is yours, please send e-mail to <bakesperson@gmail.com> to claim ownership.

[Oct 04 2004]
 Belt Buckle Battery
 Big Foot Burger
(+1) Burger Kleen
(+1) Car Keying Website
(+11)(+11) Celebrity Shrunken Heads
(-1) Cup Holder Fountain
 Director Commentary
(+7) Express Elevator to Hell
(+1) F. U. Gram
(+4) Garage Mirage
 Globetrotters on Ice
 Good Time To Go
(+4) Handy Script
(+1) Hinged Windshield
 Horology Clock
 IKEA Bits
(+7, -1) Jenna Loves Gollum
 License to Kill
(+2) Massage Chair Toilet
(+5, -1) mayo sheets
(+10)(+10) Model Car Hoax Kit
 Monster Party
 Musical Vacuum Cleaner
(+5) Office Space Cafe
 Perpetual Birthday Candles
 Phantom Car Remote
(+1) Plate Of Food Mouse
 Powerpoint Tetris
 Pre-seared Steaks
(-1) SASS Radio
(+2) Semi Semi Truck
(+1) Soft palate protector
 Tax Raider
 Tequila Shooter
(+1) The Magic Method of Body Art
(+1, -3) They've destroyed the Burning Man
(+1) Tin Plate Shoes
(+1) Treadway
 Tunnel of Like Ride
(-1) UV Doorknob
(+5) Widescreen TV Curtains

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