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Pre-generation Superhero Education

Teach each generation to act like the previous generations superheroes
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Ok. Its so hard to succeed in this world. How do you get your boss to give you an even break? How do you win that job interview.? But now imagine the 60year old manager interviewing a 18year old apprentice who walks and talks like John Wayne. Or the teacher with the student who acts uncannily like James dean. Surely if one learned to act like the previous generations super-heroes you'd be more likely to succeed and given raises etc.

The effect would be subtle but the boss would get that "I have a gut feeling this man is reliable" feeling if you act a little like Swartzenegger. After the interview look back and say "I'll be back". whatever.

Elitefingerbun, Nov 03 2005


       This doesn't strike me as a particularly good idea, but I love that you consider Wayne, Dean and Swartzenegger to be superheros. From the summary, I half expected it to involve training our children to be the Superman or Batman.
hidden truths, Nov 03 2005


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