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Put schools in all guns

Print educational material and improve safety with it
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Make publicly available a document describing proper gun safety. The four rules and why they're important, the obvious ways to endanger yourself or your children by not being careful, attributes of a good gun safe, the URL of a gun range location list, things like this.

Require a copy to be printed and presented with every gun sold. No extra license, no test, just be sure they get a copy. Existing inspections are more than enough to ensure a good rate of compliance with minimal public burden. I think this would save hundreds of lives annually.

Voice, Oct 14 2015

Show how much you care https://www.youtube...watch?v=SwEyBItsXkw
without saying a word. [4and20, Oct 18 2015]

Dangerous Dan McGrew http://www.poetryfo...ion.org/poem/174349
For Max [xenzag, Oct 18 2015]

Outlaw School http://www.amazon.c...a-Ore/dp/0380792508
For [popbottle] - it's a good read... [normzone, Oct 27 2015]


       [+] The title made me laugh, but it's a shitty idea
evilpenguin, Oct 14 2015

       I think your idea is pretty well baked under existing CA gun laws.   

       AZ now, I don't know about.
normzone, Oct 14 2015

       If schools are outlawed, only outlaws will have schools.   

       You can have my school, when you can pry it from my cold dead hands.   

       Chairman Moa: Every communist must understand political power grows out of the barrel of a school.   

       This is my rifle, This is my school, This is for fighting, This is for fools.   

       And... John lemon's song: Happiness is a warm school.
popbottle, Oct 14 2015

       The intercalary was once expeditioning in Florisbad, and had recruited several bearers from the local population. So enamoured of him were they that they presented him with a tame, orphaned wildebeest on a leash.   

       He led that damned thing about with him throughout the whole expedition, including one night when he wandered off into the bush and became lost. He remained lost for the next 3 days, which included two of the coldest nights on record in that part of the world. When he finally found his way to a small village at 4am on the third night, he still had his "pet" on its leash, but hypothermia had left his hands numb and immovable. Hoping to make a barter with the village headman for some food and somewhere to sleep he said "You can take my gnu, when you can pry it from my cold, dead hands."
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 14 2015

       Reed last link Max
xenzag, Oct 18 2015

       This idea, as presented, sounds like "include instructions in the package." What I was picturing was more like the defibrillators that are being designed for emergency use by layfolk. The device itself provides use instructions at the time of use...
LoriZ, Oct 19 2015


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