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Reversed Daily Calendars

Page-A-Day-type calendars with the daily content on the reverse side.
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I like daily calendars because they give you considerably more space to write down the days' activities than a monthly calendar, or even a weekly planner. Unfortunately, all of this space is on the back of each page. The front of each is dominated by the cartoon, witticism, Taoist mystery, or whatever content you've chosen, leaving only a little space for your to-do list. The back of each page is quite expansive, but difficult to write on while its still attached to the rest of the calendar. In addition, once it's detached, it usually becomes lost, mixed up with previous days, etc.

My daily calendars would have the fronts left blank, except for a small (12-20pt., 1 line) header listing the date. The content of each calendar would be printed on the reverse side, upside down, so that you could flip the page without detaching it and see the Word of the Day or what-have-you.

nick_n_uit, Nov 15 2004


       this is an excellent idea
benfrost, Nov 16 2004

       Well, it sounded like a good idea at the time...+
xandram, Jan 26 2011


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