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Russian Roulette Advent Calendar

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The portent of death forms an integral thread of the Christmas Story (symbolised by the gift of Myrrh, which is used for embalming). What better way to make this relevant to today's children than by making one of the advent calendar chocolates lethal - or at least, taste a bit nasty?
hippo, Dec 10 2008

Strong stuff - chilli chocolate http://www.montezum...item.asp?g=56&i=824
It's actually quite nice - and while it's not going to kill anyone, it does leave a warm buzz in your mouth. [zen_tom, Dec 10 2008]

Ex-Lax Chocolate Laxative http://www.amazon.c...uk-hpc-21/ref=nosim
Non-lethal, but profoundly annoying ... [batou, Dec 10 2008]

Try this Hollow_20valentines_20spunk_20chocolates
(...sorry...) [theleopard, Dec 10 2008]


       Have an evil, twisted bun that looks only a little like a croissant. [+]
coprocephalous, Dec 10 2008

       So one out of every six doors will contain a bit of Hershey's?
Jinbish, Dec 10 2008

       bun for nasty, not lethal!! funny though. + (I remember back in grammar school that someone wrapped a chicken bouillon cube as a chocolate and had someone eat it.)
xandram, Dec 10 2008

       cod liver oil liquers.
po, Dec 10 2008

       Use actual frankincense and myrrh. I could bake this in a couple of minutes in my front room.
nineteenthly, Dec 10 2008

       [Hippo] - putting the "evil" in "Christevilmas".
wagster, Dec 10 2008


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