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Social network with biometric video markup tool
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Hear me out on this one, I am not in favor of this kind of thing but it is not illegal and it would make money - through advertising, so I am just sort of playing Devil's advocate here.

Gay-dar, Jew-dar, Phrenology, there are many claims to an intuitive science of looking at people and being able to tell things about them just by their looks -- most of them discredited. But eugenicists and daters alike should have a tool that allows them to make their case, to their own constituents -- to have their day in court. Computers allow for documentation, shared markup, social networking, and fringe interest groups -- put all of these together and you have N- dar, the biometric markup social network.

This would allow users to make their cases with examples: see, my blind date did look like Uncle Fester from the Addams Family and here is the biometric proof.

JesusHChrist, Oct 30 2013


       Uncle Fester was a keeper.
normzone, Oct 30 2013

       Getting anything back from him wasn't easy.
lurch, Oct 30 2013

       hmmm, I don't know about gay-dar Jew-dar or phrenology but there are facial characteristics indicative of many diseases whether dominant, latent, dormant and skipping a generation, or recessive and waiting for a match.
Also I've noticed that I can usually tell if a person is a right or left brain dominant thinker based on facial asymmetry such as the difference between the height of each eyeball.

       Ironically, (please tell me I've got this irony thing down pat finally), the reflection you see in the mirror everyday shows you the opposite of your own asymmetry and you find yourselves unconsciously drawn to your emotional opposites, those with opposing facial symmetry to your own, due to unknowingly feeling a rapport with those who look similar to the reflection you see every day.   

       If eugenics is a thing then I would imagine that any "master race" would be some combination of every race of humans. There seem to be stereotypical traits which certain races posses over and above the others. My bet is that without a melding, these traits will always stay separate.   

       Maybe that's what "they" want...   

       DUN Dun Dahhhhh!!!   

       n-dar not N-dar?
popbottle, Nov 05 2013


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