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Prepacked Luggage

Luggage prepacked with clothing ordered via online
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Ordered via SkyMall or other online service during a trip: Customer orders luggage pre-packed with a week's worth of clothing and other necessary items in his (her) size. Luggage is delivered overnight to the customer's destination (hotel room, etc).
whlanteigne, Apr 06 2013

closest I could find http://www.kittyhel...l-delivery-room.jpg
[not_morrison_rm, Apr 12 2013]

Le Cap d'Agde nudist colony with post office http://www.beyond.f...ravel-story-07.html
[not_morrison_rm, Apr 13 2013]


       What happens to all the stuff when you fly back?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 07 2013

       Well, obviously I was assuming that ones valet would do the packing. But, more to the point, do you take the items back home with you? If so, what do you do with all the extra suitcases, clothing, toiletries and so forth that will accumulate after a spate of foreign trips?   

       One could, of course, simply give the items to the poor. But surely even the poor, these days, will not be willing to wear second-hand underpants, shirts or spats?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 07 2013

       [+] imagine a rent-a-wardrobe counter at the airport next to the rent-a-car one.
FlyingToaster, Apr 07 2013


       I had this idea some years ago (pre-internet), when my job assignment was changed from Florida to North Dakota at the last minute, and I had no time to shop for warmer clothing.   

       Obviously not a service one would need to use for each and every trip, just those occasions when it's impractical or there isn't time to pack one's own luggage, or when one doesn't have appropriate clothing for the trip (e.g., person living in the tropics going to the frozen North, or a person from a Northern, cold climate on a trip to the tropics).   

       The purpose of the luggage is to carry the clothing home after the trip, otherwise it could be simply delivered in a box.   

       As for what to do with the clothing and luggage after the trip, there are a number of solutions, like donating to charity, largely depending on how one feels about doing the laundry during or after a trip. Or, one could simply continue to wear them after the trip is over.
whlanteigne, Apr 08 2013

       Baked, apparently. This was offered by Harrod's in 2002, luggage packed with Puma 96 items, cost US$3700.
whlanteigne, Apr 12 2013

       The idea sort of turns up in Scoop "...William had acquired a well-, perhaps rather over-, furnished tent, three months’ rations, a collapsible canoe, a jointed flagstaff and Union Jack, a hand-pump and sterilizing plant, an astrolabe, six suits of tropical linen and a sou’wester, a camp operating table and set of surgical instruments, a portable humidor, guaranteed to preserve cigars in condition in the Red Sea, and a Christmas hamper complete with Santa Claus costume and a tripod mistletoe stand, and a cane for whacking snakes. ..At the last moment he added a coil of rope and a sheet of tin.."
not_morrison_rm, Apr 12 2013

       //a camp operating table//   

       What's that then? Is just a normal operating table painted pink?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 12 2013

       I'm sure there isn't...no, I take it back, I'm sure there is a Hello Kitty operating table somewhere out there.   

       Probably on Hello Kitty Hell website. Best I could find was the delivery suite.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 12 2013

       This could be a interesting situation at the customs desk at the airport.   

       "Did you pack your own luggage?"   

       "Errrr no"   

       Swabbing commences.
skinflaps, Apr 12 2013

       If you limited it to outerwear, so you still had to pack your own underthings, I don't see any particular reason why the clothing couldn't be re-used.
MechE, Apr 12 2013

       This entire discussion would be moot if one's vacation was at a nudist colony. I mean, how hard is it to pack a toothbrush?
Canuck, Apr 12 2013

       //This could be a interesting situation at the customs desk at the airport.//   

       "Luggage is delivered overnight to the customer's destination (hotel room, etc)."
whlanteigne, Apr 12 2013

       // how hard is it to pack a toothbrush? //   

       That depends on where you pack it.
Alterother, Apr 12 2013

       Toothbrush could be mailed to the destination in advance.
whlanteigne, Apr 12 2013

       Yes, but find me a post office that will let you into the lobby if you're not wearing pants.
Alterother, Apr 12 2013

       Getting in wouldn't be as problematic as getting out without being escorted by those polite men in the white suits.
whlanteigne, Apr 12 2013

       //Yes, but find me a post office that will let you into the lobby if you're not wearing pants.   

       Le Cap d'Agde, according to google. c link.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 13 2013


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