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promotional recycled luggage

single-serving suitcase
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Aside from those road weary warriors who wander the world for work, most people travel rarely. One or two annual trips don't justify the cost of luggage, which sits unused in closets for the rest of the year. I see at least one duct-taped box circulating on the luggage carousel after any flight, so this looked like a good idea.

Airlines or hotels could provide cheap alternatives at a smaller cost and replace costly suitcases for people who travel only seldom. For a small additional fee, an airline could mail carriers to customers a week or so ahead of their trip. a wheeled cardboard suitcase could replace the cloth-and-metal ones. Duffel bags can be made from recycled bottles, like the reusable shopping bags sold at grocery stores.

The luggage could be sized based on the airline's overhead compartment or luggage carriers. They could print the airline or hotel logo on it, or print other ads to subsidize costs. For the cardboard luggage, RFID tags with the customer's info could be encoded ahead of time in case they're lost.

Of course, these lookalike, uniform carriers would scream 'tourist,' but it also opens the possibility of decorating with spray paint or stickers.

squirrelecule, Sep 10 2010

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       Why not just rent a Samsonite case for your trip?
Tulaine, Sep 11 2010

       // Duffel bags can be made from recycled bottles //   

       Only if all your posessions will fit into a 2 litre volume ...   

       Better idea: <link>
8th of 7, Sep 11 2010

       //sits unused in closets for the rest of the year//   

       Not mine. I use it as a wheelbarrow in the garden. Sure, it get's dirty, but that only adds to my Indiana Jones mystique.
ldischler, Sep 12 2010

       It also explains the smell, and your lack of friends ...
8th of 7, Sep 12 2010


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