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Prepacked tablets with water.

Difficult to swallow ?
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Some members of your species seem to find it inexplicably difficult to ingest medication in tablet form unless they have some liquid to wash it down*.

BorgCo are therefore planning to market a small, sealed disposable cup of drinking water (or other beverage, enquire for details) with a suitably sized single-use compartment integrated into it.

When your attendant informs you that it's time for your next dose, simply open the compartment and remove the tablets, then open the cup lid and use the liquid to aid consumption as required.

Then throw the remains away. It could be made re-useable, but we make more money selling new, sterile, medical-grade units.

That is all.

*Asking your medical practitioner to prescribe four cases of the Chateau Lafitte '67 is probably not going to be successful, unless you can afford to pay for a very superior class of doctor.

8th of 7, Sep 17 2020

Prior art...(ish...) https://onemileatat...r-Lounge-JFK-40.jpg
Building a pill-dimple into the foil lid would be easy. [neutrinos_shadow, Sep 17 2020]


       The '59 Lafite would be better, I'm steadily working my way through the hard-won case in my imaginary cellar. Of course, the '82 Petrus, somewhat inappropriately for a prescribed tablet, is to die for. I have several nebuchadnezzars somewhere.
DenholmRicshaw, Sep 17 2020

       Nice link [neut], yes, that's exactly the sort of starting point we have in mind. Those small pots of liquid are pretty ubiquitous in single-serve meals.   

       It's just that no-one except us has thought of it yet (allegedly).
8th of 7, Sep 17 2020

       Single-serve sealed cups of water are sold/provided on many airlines (see linky photo). Your idea would be easily implemented by adding a pill-dimple in the lid.
In fact, this is such a good, useful idea that I'm skeptical you came up with it yourself...

       (Edit: dammit, you replied to my link before I had finished my comment...)
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 17 2020

       // this is such a good, useful idea that I'm skeptical you came up with it yourself //   

       We draw your attention to our solid track-record of innovation; some of our ideas are even of acceptably low lethality, and of genuine benefit.   

       Some of them are surprisingly practical, and have even been - to some extent - tested; in many cases the consequential damage was contained to almost acceptable levels.
8th of 7, Sep 17 2020

       Olive oil, Honey. Lick-able, more compact, solutions are also possible.
wjt, Sep 19 2020

       I'll bun that. [+]   

       If the container could be made edible it'd cut down on litter and get yet another bun [+]
whatrock, Sep 20 2020

       That's tricky, because some part of it has to be waterproof.   

       Perhaps a rice-paper cup, with a thin interior coating of a waxy or greasy edible substance; coconut oil, or chocolate.   

       Anything to stop it being re-used, tho. Re-use is bad for sales.   

       // Olive oil, Honey. Lick-able, more compact, solutions are also possible //   

       Don't call us "honey".   

       <Notes with concern that [wjt] may have a hitherto unsuspected kinky side/>
8th of 7, Sep 20 2020

       ([wjt] is:
a: most likely human, and
b: weird enough to be a halfbaker,
so a "kinky side" is more probable than not...)
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 20 2020

       (b) is certainly correct, but (a) is no better than 50-50 ...   

       It's entirely possible that [wjt] is silicon-based, or an ammonia-breather, or some sort of non-corporeal consciousness. "Just a really weird human" is waaaaay down the list of possibilities, below "High school computer project to try and pass the Turing test that accidentaly became semi-sentient"
8th of 7, Sep 20 2020


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