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Supa Funky Inhalers

as above
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Having noticed adults, more importantly children that rely upon asthma inhalers to regain their breath, it struck me how clinically bland these devices appear.

The majority I've seen are like little blue upturned plastic broken legs with a cap on the end, which is usually kept out of sight within a pocket full of jelly beans or hidden within the depths of a bag until needed.

Supa Funky Inhalers are a visual boost of colours imprinted onto the device, maybe the child's favourite football team, musical group or singer, whatever....

Different patterned interchangeable inhaler covers could be made available to purchase or provided via the GP, depicting super heroes or the like which fit snug onto the existing inhaler.

Each Supa Funky Inhaler would come with a bright coloured string attachment so that it may be hung around the neck.Future inhalers may include little sparkling lights similar to those on mobile phones or even a small light.

Either way, you may change the appearance of the inhaler in any way you wish, with interchangeable fashionable covers.

skinflaps, Aug 31 2005

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       I dunno. Plain blue suits me fine, but yeah, you have a point. I also don't know if you want to be giving these things more style for the kids, as they exist to save lives, or at least alleviate suffering (in my case), and if they were super cool, it might upset the serious function, and promote overuse.   

       I'm perfectly happy with my inhaler being just as cool as a beige metal file cabinet.
oxen crossing, Aug 31 2005

       I agree with that, you may stick with blue if you wish.I'm sure they're are kids who may be shy in how they use the inhaler. I doubt overuse would come into play or upset the serious function as you put.   

       Nice link [po] simular thoughts.
skinflaps, Aug 31 2005

       This has already been done effectively and cheaply with lighters (mainly sold at festivals) and has become a bit of a cottage industry. Just adapt the process for ventolin.
wagster, Aug 31 2005

       Pimp my Inhaler?
Shz, Aug 31 2005

wagster, Aug 31 2005

       There are inhaler users who need two different ones; the standard colours aid in determining quickly which is which. The user may know that the Westlife inhaler is Ventolin (normally blue and grey) and the Manchester City one is Pulmicort (cream and beige), but a paramedic (or even a helpful passer-by) would not.
angel, Aug 31 2005

       I'm sure this could be overcome[angel] no? If at all, the canister displays the contents unless I'm mistaken.
skinflaps, Aug 31 2005

       I believe the blue one relieves the symptoms and the brown one is an inhibitor.
po, Aug 31 2005

       The one with Donald Duck dispenses Pez.
bungston, Aug 31 2005

       "I must say ma'am, your inhaler is utterly breathtaking"
IcarusByNight, Sep 01 2005

       [Icarus] you sly dog.
pooduck, Sep 01 2005

       How about itty-bitty knit covers and hairpieces for them? They'd be personalized and chic, like pets. You could market a line of designer sachets for them ... call them "Valets of the Dolls".
reensure, Sep 01 2005

       I totally agree with this one and have tried in the past to find this item on the net with no success (as my girlfriend has bad asthma) I believe GlaxoSmithkline have the patent on the actual dispenser - however like you say some slip on covers could be made easily - and could still have a blue or brown band so as to easily distuinguish between the types. Crumpet for you.
meggabrain, Sep 01 2005

       Thanks for the link jutta. Therefore mine is made redundant? (if so shame, I thought it was a good'n and probably is via puffapouch)
skinflaps, Sep 15 2005

       If you are looking for a new addition to the inhaler, take a view of the Respire Cases link. Their primary objective is to keep inhalers clean but they look pretty good too.
guy33, Jun 29 2007


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