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Prestickered Paper

and Stickering Hole-Punchers
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The little circular stickers that you get to fix broken holes-punched seem to be stronger than the original paper. So why not make paper with these built in already?

The paper appears like pre-existing hole-punched paper, but the paper around the hole is slightly thicker, because it has either the plasticy ring embedded into it, or a ring-sticker pre-stuck onto it.

If you want to hole-punch a piece of paper, you do the same thing, except that the hole-puncher has two rolls stored in it. Each holds a few hundred ring stickers, and pressing down the hole-puncher turns the roll, pulls the ring off (by bending the backing paper) and sticks in down in the right place.

Now you don't have to waste otherwise valuble HB-time sticking stickers down. Hurrah!

dbmag9, Mar 28 2006

Hole_20Punch_20Reinforcement_20Applier Courtesy of [-----]. [Shz, Mar 28 2006]

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       those circular stickers require a tongue...
po, Mar 28 2006

       Widely known as:   

       "reinforced ring binder paper"   

       in 8-1/2 x 11, and also A4.
csea, Mar 28 2006

       But the idea of the hole-punch that affixes the reinforcement, that part is golden.
PollyNo9, Mar 28 2006

       What [csea] said, and what [-----] halfbaked.
Shz, Mar 28 2006


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