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Preview removal service

remove previews from video tapes
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Its a company that comes to your house takes apart you video tapes and removes the portion with the previews. it shouldnt be that expensive because i imagine it could be somewhat automated.
ferox, Jul 07 2005


       "...that comes to your house...shouldnt be that expensive..." - I think you need to read up on the economics of house visits.
DrCurry, Jul 07 2005

       Will they make you a cup of tea and give you a foot massage at the same time?
hippo, Jul 07 2005

       Video tapes? What are those?   

       Interesting. The author's user name seems to hint at magnetic tape.
bristolz, Jul 07 2005

       Aside from being a linguistical nightmare, this isn't a terrible idea. Well in this form it is, but films without trailers would be something I would be willing to pay a slight bit extra for, however this would preferably be in a cinema.
hidden truths, Jul 07 2005

       Also available, their new DVD service. They come to your house with a knife and scratch out the portion of your DVD with previews.   

       And their theatre service. They come to your theatre with a ladder and stand in front of the projector until the previews are over.
Worldgineer, Jul 07 2005

       Their internet version. They watch you while you're online, then put their hands over any pop-ups.
hidden truths, Jul 07 2005

       Have I missed out on a whole cultural revolution here? No, I don't mean video tapes (I've heard of those). I mean the affectation of not capitalizing. Did somebody famous once do this for a stunt or something? aND WOULD IT BE CONSIDERED RUDE IF i USED INVERSE CAPITALIZATION?
Basepair, Jul 07 2005

       Affectation? I hadn't been giving these guys that much credit.   

       First, anybody altering tapes is violating the copyright. Second, all it takes is a little screwdriver and a little thought. Third, automation is not cheap, housecalls are expensive.
baconbrain, Jul 10 2005

       I like the previews. If the film they're previewing is particularly bad, the preview has all the best bits without the crap in between, thus saving you the bother of watching the whole film.
moomintroll, Jul 10 2005

       Hidden - // films without trailers would be something I would be willing to pay a slight bit extra for, however this would preferably be in a cinema.// - just pay the normal price and arrive fifteen minutes late. Spend the bit extra that you save on a coffee or a beer while you're waiting.
wagster, Jul 10 2005

       [basepair] yes actually someone famous did do this his name was e. e. cummings [moomintroll] when i first get the tape i like to watch the previews but afterwards i usually just want to watch the movie. mabey they could splice all the previews together into one ueber-preview tape.
ferox, Jul 10 2005

       I'm shocked and appalled.
Texticle, Jul 10 2005

       anyone lived in a little how town... oh wait... This should be merged with the golf substitute idea and be called something like "Every Bad Thing" Removal Service. I would pay someone to remove all bad things from my life. Kinda like the MSN butterfly dude.
Aegd, Jul 11 2005

       [Base], I loved e.e.'s "CAPITALS AT LAST."
elhigh, Jul 11 2005

       also archie the cockroach never used capitals (tricky to hold down shift _and_ hit the key, when you're a cockroach).
moomintroll, Jul 11 2005

       I suggest you rip your DVDs to your computer, edit the file to remove the previews, and then burn the film to another DVD. I don't suggest you then sell the original; that would be illegal.
david_scothern, Jul 11 2005

       [wags], you then risk missing the start of the film. In an intelligent film that can make the whole thing seem very confusing.
hidden truths, Jul 12 2005

       Oh my God, intelligent films!
pooduck, Jul 12 2005

       It should be a crime to show a preview of the movie you are about to see. This is commonly done now to "sell the soundtrack", and reveals items in the movie that you may not have seen yet, but went out and rented.   

       ...and writing in all lowercase shows abject humility and lack of aggression. so, don't you dare pick on us lowercase writers, or we'll kick your @ss
sophocles, Jul 12 2005


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