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Price Per Calorie

A suggested addition to the current price tags at the supermarkets.
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Being poor like a college person, and stupid like poop. I often find myself tottally ignorant of my nutritional needs and I just opt for a quick fix of a cheap energy drink, and some random food item with the highest amount of calories that my money can buy.

The energy drink supplements my inability to utilize the rich resource that I have chosen for food, given it has not the goods within it to help me utilize it.

Anyway this quest for the right food item I often find tiresome, and well... often when on said quest I am already well beyond posessing any mental stamina for such long task. So I often give up and go for some candy bars and junk like that, just hoping to find some food or change on the ground on my walk back to wherever given I cannot afford gas.

There needs to be a price per caliorie ratio that should be manditroily printed on the price tag. Fast food reastuarants would actually find an increase in buisness as a result of publishing this in their stores and having it in tiny subtitles in their adds. For example a McDonalds cheszeburger off of the dollar meal has a PPC of 0.3~ Now thats some good foodin when Im gettin my feed on. And gives me enough brain power to successfully cheat on that test!

wuhisn, Oct 15 2007

Ramen Cookbook http://www.amazon.c...kbook/dp/0962633526
"WARNING: Ramen Nachos WILL, in fact, gag a maggot." [Klaatu, Jun 17 2008]


       Let's also add in price per gram of meat for meat containing products (sorts the cheap-sausages with low meat from those with actual better meat/penny but higher overall weight/penny); and price per ml of pure alcohol for alcoholic drinks.   

       But for the idea, please have a bun at +Inf calories per penny (being freeeeeeeeee)
vincevincevince, Oct 15 2007

       Clif bars, bought by the case, have a PPC of .4 and contain all the nutrients you need to survive. And they are tasty. Make it easy on yourself.
GutPunchLullabies, Oct 15 2007

       Clif Bars are delicious and only $.97 at Marc's here in Cleveland (elsewhere sold for a buck and a quarter). get on the band wagon, my monetarily-challenged, friend. you will not regret.
k_sra, Oct 15 2007

       No need for all this. Just buy cooking oil and a straw.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 15 2007

       Given the ever increasing obesity to "normal" ratios reported for most western civilisations, I was hoping this was: a more calorie, more price initiative. Or, at the very least, a re-normalisation of , well, "normal".   

       However, since this is lacking both; live long my calorie concentrated friend, and long may you sequester carbon in your lipid infested mid-section.
4whom, Oct 15 2007

       Cooking oil and a straw? Tallow and a spoon, methinks.
Texticle, Oct 15 2007

       'As tha seen t'price of tallow lately? And spoons?! Don't come t'me wi' your lah-di- dah manners. Spoons indeed. Lucky to have a flattened stick when I were a lad.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 15 2007

       "Rape" she cried,
4whom, Oct 15 2007

       Yea, what else food is for if not for energy!
Inyuki, Oct 16 2007

       Buy a jar of grape jelly. 99 cents / 2880 calories. That's a PPC of .034.
lurch, Oct 16 2007

       I bought rice today: 102 cents / 1770000 calories (or 1770 kilocalories). That's 0.000057.. PPC.
Inyuki, Oct 16 2007

       No, that would be PPc.
lurch, Oct 16 2007

       Hey [Inyuki] : A dietary 'calorie' in the USA is actually a kilocalorie. To be fair, you have to call it .057 PPC
GutPunchLullabies, Oct 16 2007

       Frankly, someone who is   

       //poor like a college person//   

       //stupid like poop//   

       //well beyond posessing any mental stamina //   

       //I cannot afford gas//   

       ...Probably can't afford to be drunk. Sounds like <s>he's under the influence of something, though.
Custardguts, May 11 2008

       //manditroily printed on the price tag//   

       I thought you were an anarchist?
bneal27, May 12 2008

       all the college students i know(n) live on pizza, whatever-that-noodle-crap-is, and beer.   

       edit: ramen
FlyingToaster, May 12 2008

       This could result in encouragement to cook more, which would be cool, too. So bun, bun, bun.   

       People are joking about cooking oil, but even good olive oil gives you a lot of bang for the buck. So does butter. Put it with pasta, Cream, Garlic,a nd a little shrimp, and you can get fat on good food for cheap.
nomocrow, May 12 2008

       eye doesnt spelling too good sometimes myself, but I think my ideas shuld bee juged by thier merits.
Voice, May 13 2008

       Animal feed is likely sold per calorie or per ounce of weight gain by the animals involved.   

       "If I buy fifty pounds of this chicken feed, how much will flock gain in salable weight."   


       "If I buy fifty pounds of this student chow, how much will brain/body grow in salable weight." Excluding Freshmen.
popbottle, Jul 04 2014


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