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Translation Web Site

Turn the tiny print, Obtuse Descriptions, and Portion Roulette into Plain English.
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A Web site that translates the labeling on food packages to a simple useful format. Similar to Wikipedia in how the data gets entered and vetted.

For example if you are trying to cut down on salt, you need to find the amount of sodium and multiple by the number of portions the makers believe the package contains. ( 13 portions for a single bag of chips ? ) If you also have a hard time reading the label because it is dark red on black or very small type, you soon start guessing or say "oh Well gotta die sometime" and just toss it in the cart.

Products would be listed in a cooperative database that was sortable by things like product type or amount of salt or product ID number. Manufacturers could attest to the accuracy of the translation of their own products or not.

( / A box of Quaker bars is proudly labeled "No High Fructose Corn Syrup" but states in small type corn syrup in the ingredients. / is what started this rant. Bought it thinking no allergy causing corn derivative inside, and now I Need to give it away. ( I Read the small print ingredients list after purchasing. ) )

(Really hope someone is doing this already. The data has to be out there somewhere, just need to massage it properly.)

popbottle, Apr 14 2015


       //if you are trying to cut down on salt, you need to find the amount of sodium   

       I'm personally more concerned about the chlorine.
the porpoise, Apr 14 2015

       Anything with a package on it on which to give an ingredients breakdown is most likely processed and not going to be very good for you anyway. Just sayin.
JesusHChrist, Apr 14 2015

       If the Quaker Oat Bars list corn syrup among the ingredients, and you have an allergy to corn...
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 14 2015


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