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The Bread Winner

A better way to get your pay...
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I hate shopping. Don't know why, but I hate it. I have my pension, tax and National Insurance deducted from my pay automatically, so why can't they take advantage of modern technology and as a quality employee benefit fill my kitchen full of food once a month? Problem solved.
sven3012, Jan 07 2002

Iceland on-line grocery http://www.iceland.co.uk
Not only can you order your groceries on line, but you can re-order what you had last time. Not quite baked, but getting there. [tobythepig, Jan 09 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Surely there must be a website that could take a shopping list and your bank/credit card details and deliver the goods on your list every week. Then you just need to pay someone to write the list. I think this is baked as some kind of executive service where people will do all kinds of shopping and other little jobs for you.   

       You might be worried about running out of stuff early, or over-stocking on other products, but either you let them inspect your fridge at regular intervals, or you just over-order and throw out what's left.
pottedstu, Jan 07 2002

       There are currently designs to have fridges that have a second, secure access from outside your house. This way you place your order, possibly via an internet connection on the fridge itself and/or by triggering a restocking event by removing the item, and the food is delivered into the fridge while you are at work. Theses fridge would have freezer and refrigerated compartments as well, I believe.   

       There have also been similar suggestions to install various locked boxes for houses so postmen and couriers can deliver parcels when everyone is at work.
Aristotle, Jan 07 2002

       The late, great Webvan was created with this ultimate goal in mind. While the company (and its service) existed, you could easily make and store shopping lists, select a half-hour delivery window, pay for the stuff online, and then just sit around and wait for the nice men to show up with your loot.   

       Ultimately, the service was expected to run automatically. I don't know that the nice men would ever have had access to your home, but I'm sure it could have been arranged.   

       A moment of silence, please, for the world we almost managed to create for ourselves ... <sigh>
1percent, Jan 07 2002

       I love shopping perhaps I could do yours for you sven3012 - hope I have your name right!
po, Jan 20 2002

       Something tells me that would be a VERY long shopping trip for you, Po, but thanks for the offer! I think I have enough food to last to Friday. Can you have it done before then?
sven3012, Jan 20 2002

       if you are not in South London, offer is not manageable really,, sorry ,,shame - would love to spend your money ...
po, Jan 20 2002


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