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Print Felt

Billiard table felts with custom graphics
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I'm prepared to be told this exists, but a quick search here and on Google does not show one.

Clearly card table felt has designs on it so it should be possible.

Upload my image in proper dimensions and get a custom design felt for my pool table.

theircompetitor, Apr 01 2004

(?) Gaming Table Felt http://www.director...ming_table_felt.htm
Clearer now? [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

There's always velvet... http://www.hardrock...afeofthequarter.jpg
...which seems to have a thriving market in custom designs... [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

Candystand pool http://www.candysta...s/cs_shock_cspl.htm
You could get one with a LifeSavers logo on it. [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004]

Unique Pool Table Cloth Printing http://www.iqpoolta...-cloth-printing.htm
Although not frequently seen, apparently these folks will provide you with a customized pool table covering. As they say, "This option is not cheap." [jurist, Oct 05 2006]

More Custom Printed Billiard Table Fabrics http://www.dbentert...ainment_Company.htm
Now, a Stateside source: "With a new process available exclusively through Championship dealers and retailers, you can choose an image from our custom selections, Panoramic Images, or you can provide a digital image of your own." [jurist, Oct 05 2006]


       The purpose is unclear to me.
bristolz, Apr 01 2004

       A craft stand in NYC sells felt hats with both custom designs and custom shapes. So bristolz, I guess the answer to your question is so you too can have a hat that makes you look like an elf.
DrCurry, Apr 02 2004

       I don't need a hat for that.   

       What kind of designs are on card table felt? Are you talking about some sort of texture or pattern manufactured in to the felt as opposed to printed on top of the felt? If you really do mean printed, I'm sure there are plenty of silk screen shops who can help you out.   

       There seems to be a need for further explanation here, [tc].
half, Apr 02 2004

       I must have been sleepy, changing...clearer now?
theircompetitor, Apr 02 2004

       A juvenile prank idea is calling here, have the pattern look as though it is the angles required for a good break etc.
engineer1, Apr 02 2004

       "clearer now", sorry, not for me. I still don't think I know what sort of design you're talking about. I don't know the card table felt reference. I don't get out much. Got link?
half, Apr 02 2004

       wouldn't it be distracting to have pictures on your pool table? comedic perhaps (say a design of a laid out dinner table) but distracting.
po, Apr 02 2004

       Something Escher-ish could be disorienting.   

       Thanks, DrCurry.   

       half -- say I want to have a "teaching" pool table that accents good hit points and trajectories.   

       Or a naked girl so you can safely say to get one in the hole you have to go over her left tit.   

       A completely custom image that would serve as the background to your pool game.
theircompetitor, Apr 02 2004

       Or you could just get white felt and use a projector and a mirror. Then you can change your image with your mood. You could even show films.
Worldgineer, Apr 02 2004

       Looking at [DrCurry]'s link, the patterns in question seem to be silk screened or printed with some sort of vinyl ink on the felt (is that true?). I guess I was looking too hard for something novel about the felt.   

       So, I guess it's clearer now. You want to print graphics on pool table felt. I was resisting that thought because based on what little I know about it, I'd say that the addition of something on the surface would affect play. It couldn't possibly make my game worse though.
half, Apr 02 2004

       Worldgineer, while your idea has merit, get your own theater :)
theircompetitor, Apr 02 2004

       now if you were colour blind, then a pattern of red and green wobbly lines would give you an advantage over your opponent.
po, Apr 02 2004

       Ah. I get it now. It would probably be cool if pool table felts were easily interchangeable. Maybe you could have patterns that helped you perfect your game somehow?
bristolz, Apr 02 2004

       impossible bris. those felts are completely nailed down solid so that they don't move or wrinkle. neat trick if you could come up with a clamp to that very thing though.
po, Apr 02 2004

       I don't know if the word "impossible" really means much around here.
zigness, Apr 02 2004

       The same kind of printing as is done on card tables would definitely affect play on a billiards table. Dying or staining the felt itself, however, would probably work better.
cocktaillouie, Apr 02 2004

       A grid pattern might be useful for learning. Otherwise it seems to me it would be very distracting. (Otherwise they would exist, I'm sure.)
waugsqueke, Apr 03 2004

       Bristole & po: great idea they could fasten on like the head of a kettledrum, with threaded tensioners all the way around.   

       I really like the idea. How about a 3D-ish picture of billiard balls: that would mess you up! I would like one that looks like the floor of the ocean.
LED Prism, Oct 05 2006

jurist, Oct 05 2006

       thanks, jurist!
theircompetitor, Oct 05 2006

       A billiards purist would only use traditional green pool table felt. Nowadays the felt color leans more towards complementing the room decor.
probilliards, Oct 19 2010


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