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Office Chess

Play chess with people
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The managers secretly arrange the desks (during the next by-weekly office re-org) so that they are in and 8x8 square patern. Then they put all the people in the centre 32 squares on secondment to say, purchasing. You can use different colour desks (wood or white laminate...) to represent the black and white squares.

Next they have a daily department re-organisation, with people moving desks every day. (Allows 1 move per player per day.) Ocaisionally another person is put on secondment to the HR department. (When a pience is taken.)

Thus the managers can play a giant game of chess and no-one will ever know...

I would like to see this tried all around the world... besides most companies (mine included) have a re-org so often they might as well play chess.

I know people would rather NOT work in Purchasing or HR, plus you will need to quadruple the office move budget, but hey, it's gonna be worth it...!

For added fun, assign people "peice" roles depending upon their personality... so all the new grads become pawns!

CasaLoco, Jan 25 2002

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by [blissmiss] [phoenix, Jan 25 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       I'm surprised that blissmiss hasn't already covered this one.
quarterbaker, Jan 25 2002

       As far as I can see, this simply describes the restructuring strategies of nearly all big companies I have come across...
goff, Jan 25 2002

       They're all pawns.
waugsqueke, Jan 25 2002

       [quarterbaker]: Me, too. She came close with Cubicle Crosswords...   

       This *was* baked in Dilbert, and because I don't like being treated as a pawn and you forgot to mention 3-D chess (playing across multiple floors) I'm going to have to fishbone it.
phoenix, Jan 25 2002


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