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Prison studios

Recording & film studios built in prisons.
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Most actors and musicians will at some point in their careers end up in court, paying a lot of money for lawyers to get them off and generally taking up court time that could be spent on real crims.

By building recording and film studios into prisons the actor/musician can be sent to prison while still producing product. All proceeds can be ploughed back into the prison system to upgrade the prisons themselves.

We get the added advantage of training inmates in music and film skills which means that recidivists could ultimately fund the entire judicial system and cut taxes for all...

Frondlike, Aug 11 2001

Charles Manson, Live at San Quentin http://www.geocitie...359/sanquentin.html
Scary, but true. I actually have this album (a present, I hasten to add) [Guy Fox, Aug 11 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       On the other hand, he might give some considerable part of his fortune to be sent to a boys' reformatory.
protean, Aug 11 2001

       Interesting. I did not know actors and musicians never commit "real crimes".
The Military, Aug 11 2001

       Makes you wonder what MJ had in mind when he wrote "Smooth Criminal"...
Lucky_Setzer, Aug 11 2001

       'Most actors and musicians will at some point in their careers end up in court.'
I'd love to see the research to support *that* assertion. Although I'm not denying that many of them *deserve* to end up there.
angel, Aug 14 2001

       Hmmm. Why focus on actors and musicians? Writers, for example, have been able to practice their vocation from behind bars for centuries, as has the occasional politician. Fine artists should be allowed to do their thing --- sculptors' tools might reasonably be forbidden in a prison, but safe versions of a painter's or musician's tools/instrument could be developed. Mathematicians only need coffee and a pencil. Stock traders, telemarketers, and miscellanous management just need a phone line to the outside and a fax machine. Computer programmers could be allowed to bring a laptop in. Considering that, these days, it's almost impossible *not* to commit a felony, we might as well get used to having most of the nation's work force incarcerated.
wiml, Aug 16 2001

       your crime -computer hacking, your punishent - being put in a prison with a laptop... can't see it myself
RobertKidney, Aug 17 2001

       I suppose in-jail employment is perfect for convicted vagrants, eh?
decafsilicon, Aug 17 2001

       At least here in the US of A, most of our "guests of the state" are not accountants, or painters, or writers for that matter. In fact, much of the cause for their imprisonment can be indirectly traced to their not being adequately trained for any one position in society. Cycle of poverty, prisons as method of dealing with those it would be too hard to help, blah, blah, yawn. I bored myself.
GutPunchLullabies, Jul 01 2004


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