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Office Auto-Motion Chair

An office chair that goes where YOU want it to...
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Remote control in hand... Push the gamepad to have your chair move in a certain direction... One wheel lowered from the center axle, rotated to the proper direction, should do it. Sure beats running to meetings.
kschang, Jan 20 2002


       Baked. Isn't this how Stephen Hawking et al. get around?
snarfyguy, Jan 20 2002

       I don't trust people on the road, let alone in the cramped quarters of an office. We'd just move our traffic jams indoors.
phoenix, Jan 20 2002

       uh, blissmiss
thumbwax, Jan 20 2002

       thats not blissmiss
po, Jan 20 2002

       [admin: "blissmiss" aka "blissmiss22", please send me e-mail which name you would like to be known under, and I'll be happy to change your account name to that name and delete the remaining account.   

       Don't create more than one account for a person unless you want separate, unconnected identities.]
jutta, Jan 21 2002


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