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Private helium kite survaillance service

The watchers are the public. The staff is only an "emergency" call center
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You can join the emergency team through the web.

The paid emergency call center will call the (a) emergency operation team and (b) the relevant emergency services (police, ambulance or fire dept), and will also (c) publicize the events if appropriate.

That way you get realtime news, and better online security.

pashute, Jul 14 2011

Personal_20orbital_20ABM_20satellite [not_morrison_rm, Jul 15 2011]


       no one watching?
pashute, Jul 15 2011

       I'm not sure I understand the idea.
Is each member of the emergency team required to purchase a helium video kite? If not then who owns/maintains/protects them?

       So, when I see the missile being launched in France from this system I can then login to the personal ABM satellite scheme..erm, I feel a franchise coming on..
not_morrison_rm, Jul 15 2011

       No missiles! This is a civil surveillance system on the roads and parks, and in buildings and houses.   

       It would be funded by a company that gets paid for the service (when people use it) and for the advertising on the website. Private households and probably neighborhood committees would pay for getting some extra cameras up giving them better security or at least a more secure feeling.   

       Volunteers are volunteers.
pashute, Jul 17 2011


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