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Net Curtain Autotwitcher

WiFi and Alexa enabled
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It's a thing, UK households often have net curtains to prevent outsiders looking in whilst nosey insiders look out unobserved. It's ironic that the net curtains often have to be moved - twitched - to get a better view causing the twitcher to be given away.

It must be quite tiring to spend all day looking out of the window waiting for something to happen. To save all this and twitch appropriately, I propose an array of webcams coupled with AI to twitch the curtains automatically when specified events are detected. WiFi enabled with Smart assistant capability of course so you can ask Alexa to "Twitch curtain 1" from anywhere in the World.

What fun to pointedly go out for the day so everyone thinks you're out. How hilarious to see the neighbours' confused faces. They were hoping to indulge in a sneaky ad-hoc booty-call only for the curtains to twitch.

DenholmRicshaw, Apr 07 2023

Would pair excellently with this Breathing_20security_20camera
[21 Quest, Apr 07 2023]

And this. Security_20Cameras_..._202_20Red_20Lights
[doctorremulac3, Apr 07 2023]

Nosey_20Parters read idea, then last comment [xenzag, Apr 07 2023]




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