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Problem Customer Checkout

A procedure to prevent holding up everyone in the line due to a problem with the customer undergoing checkout.
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When the customer at checkout has a problem that hangs the line the cashier would be able to electronically transfer the amounts registered thus far to a special register where the checkout would be continued and the problem resolved. I feel that this would be less embarrassing to most customers with a problem and less annoying to those waiting in the line.
hangingchad, Feb 26 2006


       The original title (customer with problem checkout) I read as 'customer with problem trebuchet'.
spidermother, Feb 26 2006

       Or just use the single customer line, as used in many stores.
DrCurry, Feb 26 2006

       To add to this invention I think we need a special line for people who just need to get in and out regardless of whatever the dispute is. Or in other words, the store gets the benefit of the doubt. If you use the super express line and you get overcharged for something, too bad. Resolve it at the customer service desk after your transaction. If the item wont scan or if the item causes an error, the cashier gets to guestimate a price. If you thought it was on sale and the cashier didnt ring it up as such, tough luck. The people in line behind you have places to be and people to see.   

       This is very necessary for those annoying customers who get to the cashier and decide that they want to argue over whether a particular item was on sale. Sometimes they disagree with the price thus having to wait for the next available stock clerk who has to run down the aisle to verify the validity of the customer's claim. These people need to be put in a special place. The rest of us who know what we want and we know exactly what we are buying should be afforded such a convenience.
Jscotty, Feb 27 2006

       I like it. Or something similar. Just the other day I was waiting nearly 10 minutes while someone argued over 27 cents of their $120.00 grocery bill.
Laimak, Feb 27 2006

       Just tazer them and roll the cart over their twitching prostate bodies.   

       I don't even grocery shop myself, and I hate those people.
notmarkflynn, Feb 27 2006

       Why not just equip every checkout with a samauri sword? Then, if the checkout operator or customer should ever feel overwhelming embarassment they can perform ritual suicide by disembowelment.
hippo, Feb 27 2006

       Coffee through nose to keyboard (can't remember the emoticon).
nineteenthly, Feb 27 2006

       I think that ritul murder by disembowelment would be a more common reaction.
wagster, Feb 27 2006

       //twitching prostate// !!!
sp. prostrate.
calum, Feb 27 2006

       // //twitching prostate// !!! sp. prostrate. //   

       You never know, [calum], you just never know.
salachair, Feb 27 2006

       Why not just issue repeat problem customers with a badge- "Don't get behind me-I'm a problem customer" or track them in other ways- maybe with the so-called "advantage" or "preferred customer" cards- then make everyone swipe when we come into the store- automatically directing us to the correct line.
Rm Brz, Feb 27 2006

       Sorry hanging chad, but all the POS system at Sainsbury's in the UK already allows you to do this (and I suspect that is also true for Tesco's as well). If a customer has a long term problem the transaction is "parked" (not the correct term, but it eludes me for a moment as I haven't worked there for 6 months!)and then retrieved at the customer service desk, just as you suggest. baked.
goff, Feb 27 2006

       [goff] It's wonderful that some places in the UK have this. I know of no such thing here in the US. If just one of the major chains would start this procedure I'm sure their market share would increase. Were we not such sheep we would kick up a fuss when ten people are held up because someone bought more goods than they can pay for or has an out of date card or is missing a bar code/price on those pajamas.
hangingchad, Feb 28 2006

       Some stores in the US actually have that "parked transaction" feature where the cashier can take the next customer while the problem transaction is being remedied. But as mentioned, it would be great if the transaction could be relocated to the customer service dept.
Jscotty, Mar 01 2006


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