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Queue buzz

A bit of stimulation, post-tally, delivered via floor grid to speed payment phase
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"That'll be 53.67"
'Oh, OK, let me see here, where did I put my wallet...'
'What was that?'
"Queue buzzer, Ma'am"
'Oh, yes, I've read about those - now where is that-'
"That's 53.67, Ma'am."
'Ow, dammit, I know, I know, I'm trying to find my wa-'
"wa-ha-haaaaaa, that hurts, can you turn it off?"
'53.67, Ma'am, please hurry'
"Aaaaaaieeeaa - Here it is! Do you have change for 100.00?"
'No, Ma'am, just like sign says.'
'Oh, dear gaw-'
thumbwax, May 09 2003


       pre-checkout, not post-checkout
po, May 09 2003

       pre-checkout and post-checkout, and an identical system on the checker's side.
Worldgineer, May 09 2003

       I thought this was going to be about getting stoned on the line for the movie.
snarfyguy, May 09 2003

       Oh yes. Can we make sure that it is in operation even once the till jockey has handed over the change? The subsequent drawn out wallet/handbag rearrangement process really twists my impatient little melon.
my face your, May 09 2003


       It's so bad, but it feels sooooooo good!
ato_de, May 09 2003

       UnaBubba, I agree. I have more of a problem with slow cashiers than I do with lethargic customers.
dstillz, May 09 2003

       Agreed. Even if I am a major offender.
thecat, May 10 2003

       "Suck queue buzz." Succubus. Very cute. But the threat of a huge vacuum device might make the buzzer unnecessary.
dstillz, May 10 2003

       Would they then be In Queue Buzz?   

       This would be wonderful for all those times that customers root through their wallets and purses for their 'special member' card *before* they put their groceries on the belt. ^_^ I laughed so hard I cried!
Newo Ikkin, Jul 28 2006


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